Zelenskyy names Putin's following possible goals in Europe — video
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Zelenskyy names Putin's following possible goals in Europe — video

Office of the President of Ukraine

The following targets of Russian aggression may be the Baltic states, Poland or the Balkans. Even Europe is not enough for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Points of attention

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy pointed to possible targets of Russian aggression, including the Baltic States, Poland and the Balkans.
  • Even Europe is not enough for the Russian dictator Putin, which shows his aggressive intentions and spread of influence.
  • President Zelenskyy warns of the possibility of expanding the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine, which could happen in the next ten years.
  • NATO believes Russia poses no direct threat to the Alliance member states, but it is preparing for a possible conflict.

Zelenskyy named the sequence of Russia's possible following goals

They are once again trying to reshape Europe by force, and they say that certain peoples allegedly "do not deserve" to exist independently. All this is directed against Ukraine today but will be directed against others tomorrow.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President of Ukraine

Zelenskyy named the sequence of Russia's possible next goals. In his opinion, it can be the Baltic States, Poland, the Balkans and beyond.

This Russian regime does not recognize borders, even Europe is not enough for it, it has already destroyed Syria and chaotic the Sahel, it invests in terror and undermines life where it can reach, where it does not meet resistance, — said President Zelenskyy.

The possibility of expanding the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

It will be recalled that the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that the Russian regime will not stop in Ukraine in case of victory in the war.

According to Estonian intelligence, Russia is already preparing for a new war, which could happen within the next 10 years. A direct conflict with NATO is not excluded.

At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that Russia poses no threat to the Alliance's member states. According to him, NATO remains the strongest military force in the world.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) noted that the Kremlin dictator's false statements are aimed at disrupting Ukraine's defence efforts and aid from Western partners.

So, everything is done correctly. This means that diplomatic efforts, together with Ukrainian defense and security efforts, are going in the right direction, since Putin's mouth is forced to speak about it personally, — stressed DIU rep Andriy Yusov.

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