Zelenskyy says Ukraine urgently needs F-16s and Patriot air defence systems
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Zelenskyy says Ukraine urgently needs F-16s and Patriot air defence systems

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Source:  online.ua

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that the attacks of the criminal army of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv are becoming particularly insidious, so Ukraine is waiting for the decision of its partners regarding F-16 fighters and Patriot air defense systems.

Zelenskyi about the attacks on Kharkiv and the need to strengthen the air defence system

Kharkiv. Russian terror against the city acquires special meanness. Attempts to force more than a million people into a blackout, constant rocket strikes and "Shaheds". Now aerial bombs. Just on an ordinary street, by houses, a school, ordinary civil infrastructure. At this time, it is known about one dead person. My condolences to the relatives and friends, said the head of state.

The President emphasised that as a result of the Russian occupiers dropping an aerial bomb on the Shevchenkiv district in Kharkiv, it became known about nineteen victims.

In particular, children are among the victims.

Strengthening Ukrainian air defense, speeding up the provision of F-16 to Ukraine are vital tasks. There is and cannot be any rational explanation for this — why "Patriots", of which there are enough in the world, still do not cover the skies of Kharkiv and other cities and communities of ours that suffer from Russian terrorists, Zelenskyy emphasised.

Ukraine's MFA calls on partners to transfer additional Patriot systems

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, noted that Ukraine urgently needs additional Patriot air defence systems to protect the sky from attacks by the criminal army of the Russian Federation.

Kuleba emphasized that, especially recently, the occupying army of the Russian Federation has increased the number of ballistic missile attacks on Ukraine.

They can hit targets very quickly, leaving no time for people to take cover, and cause significant destruction.

Patriot and other similar systems are defensive by definition. They are designed to protect life, not to take it away, — journalists from The Guardian quoted Kuleb as saying.

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