Italy increases its military aid for Ukraine to €1.7 billion by 2025
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Italy increases its military aid for Ukraine to €1.7 billion by 2025


Italy will increase military aid to Ukraine to 1.7 billion euros in 2025. Italian PM Giorgia Meloni will make this commitment at the NATO summit currently taking place in Washington.

Points of attention

  • Italy plans to increase military aid to Ukraine to 1.7 billion euros by 2025, cementing its share of the 40 billion-euro aid package from NATO.
  • Italian military aid includes anti-aircraft missiles, artillery weapons, and military training, which contributes to increasing Ukraine's defence capabilities.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Maloni pledged to increase military support at the NATO summit in Washington.
  • Italy is a key member of the North Atlantic Alliance and actively contributes to strengthening security in the region by providing military and other support to Ukraine.
  • The expansion of Italian military aid is an important step in supporting Ukraine in strengthening its defense capabilities and defending its sovereignty in the difficult situation in Eastern Europe.

Italy will increase military aid to Ukraine

The publication notes that this is Italy's share in NATO's discussion of a 40 billion dollar aid to Ukraine. Half of the contributions (flexibly divided between direct military aid, goods and services, and training) will come from the United States, and another 20 billion euros will come from the European countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In 2022, Rome promised to give Ukraine military aid worth about 1.2 billion euros every year.

Aid to Ukraine from Italy

Italy has provided Ukraine with 8 military aid packages, including anti-aircraft missiles, artillery, armoured vehicles and ammunition.

Italian instructors also teach Ukrainian soldiers to use Western weapons.

Although the exact types and quantity of delivered weapons are not disclosed, they play a significant role in strengthening Ukraine's defence capabilities.

It was reported that Italy will transfer SAMP/T to Ukraine as part of a new aid package.

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